Shikhir Arora

Personal Profile

My name is Shikhir Arora and I am currently an undergraduate student studying Mathematics, Economics and Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh. My professional background revolves around the fields of business development and heavy tech-sector applications and projects through my role as President of The SARO Group (see below for more detail). I am an avid lover of Philosophy (specific interests lie in Metaphysics, Predicate Logic, Philosophy of Religion and Behavior). Besides that, I'm an avid 'audiophile' - from the theory and mathematics of signal processing to the application and construction/modding of audio-related gear. My personal blog revolves around my audio-related ramblings, reviews and personal projects relating to all things audio and hopefully (soon!) some interesting applications with real time signal visualization.

Active Positions

President - The SARO Group Inc.

January 2016 - Present

As the President and Chief Designer at The SARO Group , I am focused on innovations and applications in the emerging technology sector. My focus lies in three major areas: Machine Learning, Cryptography, and Signal Processing. Some specific case studies are briefly explained on the website, but I am working to develop machine learning algorithms for accurate ranking and topic modeling bases with a wide variety of applications in "Big Data" such as medicine, law, and purely machine based systems which adaptively learn to improve within a strict margin of error. My interests in cryptography lie in developing private and secure mechanisms for data retrieval without exposing user data with methods such as differential privacy which is employed in machine-learning based datasets. Additionally, signal processing serves as a related field and is a deep interest of mine. When coupled with machine learning algorithms, results can be achieved to maniupulate signals and create real-time, accurate mapping for automation in lighting, audio visualization and more.

Freelance Audio Engineer & 'Audiophile'

August 2014 - Present

In my spare time, I work within the realm of audio design and engineering, working on the design/theory of audio equipment and related concepts. I am working on a few projects in the realm of audio visualization (as mentioned above), basic amplifier design/theory & basic loudspeaker engineering as well as written theory relating to audio fidelity. As time permits, I also try my best to keep my blog up to date. Much of my free time is therefore devoted in educating others (from various backgrounds - technical to non-technical) about the field.


University of Pittsburgh

Bachelors of Science - Mathematics & Economics

Bachelors of Arts - Philosophy

I am currently completing a degree in Mathematics and Economics (BS) at Pitt as well as a degree in Philosophy (BA).

Written Works

The following section contains written works, papers, essays, etc. that I have authored or co-authored. Reviews, educational videos and other more "casual" blog entries which do not meet proper formatting and research/basic publication guidelines will not be displayed below.